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Last October Jimmy Kimmel aired this skit which included sounds which by law are used only for emergency alerts in the United States - and that was a bad idea. The ABC network, which airs the show, agreed to pay a fine of $395,000 for the stunt.


If you're curious what the sound is, here it is:



There were reports this weekend that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were spotted of an island near Sicily having a holiday together.  Someone said they saw the couple on the island of Panarea having breakfast.  There are no pictures, and even the original source of the article, the U.K.’s The Mirror, has deleted the item from its website.  And yet here we are...hoping it’s true.  

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Halsey has revealed that she just quit smoking - after having the bad habit for ten years. That's a long time, especially when you consider she's only 24 years old now.  She says she gained some weight and probably lost some friends going through withdrawal, but says she's happy she did it.  

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We now know what all 18(!) songs on Taylor Swift’s new album “Lover” will be called.  It’s out in 5 days.

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Who is the highest paid comedian in the world?  According to Forbes,that would be Kevin Hart, earning $59 million in the past year.  It's his second year in a row to top the list.  Jerry Seinfeld was second at $41 million.  The highest-paid female comedian is Amy Schumer at 7th place with $21 million - in fact, she's the only female in the top ten.

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