The Feed | April 6, 2021

John Cena says BTS fans have helped him find his journey to loving himself, and not only that, write two self-help books along the way.  He was on Ellen yesterday talking about it.  (5:30)



This Weekend’s Wrestlemania should be pretty wild, if for nothing more than Bad Bunny will be wrestling in a tag team match. Here’s BB a last night on WWE Raw, doing his first big on-mic promo for the match. 
Bebe Rexha will kick the two day event off on Saturday when she fights Sasha Banks for the WWE women’s title - just kidding. Bebe is going to sing “America the Beautiful.”  

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We got a new "Loki" trailer today, and can't wait for June 11!



Jimmy Fallon has responded to criticism which stemmed from Addison Rae doing some TikTok dances on his show.  Addison demonstrated 8 dances, none of which were her creations, and no credit was given to those that came up with the dances.  Jimmy and the Tonight Show responded in the best possible way - by giving the creators the opportunity to be on the show and do their own dance.



The sight of a full stadium in any sport has become a thing of the past - or at least a thing of early 2020 - until yesterday, when a baseball game was played in front of a near sellout crowd in Texas.  The Texas Rangers faced off against the Toronto Blue Jays in front of 40,000 non-social distancing fans, few of which were wearing masks. A video of the massive crowd has gone viral.  This is the only team in the 4 major North American sports leagues to allow a game to be played in front of a capacity crowd during the pandemic.  The Rangers lost to the Jays was it worth it?

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