The Feed | April 6, 2020

In a rare speech, Queen Elizabeth spoke for about 4 1/2 minutes last night about the battle against the coronavirus.  It’s only the fifth time she’s ever done one of these special messages in her more than sixty year reign.  93-years-old, she’s still inspiring and strong.  


Elon Musk and his Tesla car company are working on making ventilators out of car parts. Ventilators are in short supply and can save lots of lives, so it’s pretty cool to see some companies converting their businesses to help out in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 


Here’s something to make you smile today. This woman apparently has a pet fox, and as she was trying to set up to film some yoga moves, her fox takes off with her cell phone.  The video recorded has fantastic cinematography. You just have to watch.  That fox has a future in cinema.



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