The Feed | April 27, 2020

Do you have a fussy baby that won’t stop crying? Put on some Jonas Brothers! That’s what one couple did and found out the song “What a Man Gotta Do?” does the trick when pacifying their newborn. Nick Jonas even posted the video on his Twitter, so it’s Jonas approved!
Here’s s Ben Affleck being a bad example. He’s been doing great, walking around Los Angeles with his facemask on, but he was just spotted with the mask on his nose but over his mouth as he smoked away at a cigarette.  No great technique there, Ben. 

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Then there’s some good news.  Remember the Australian bushfires? The big story in the olden days of 2019?  Remember seeing the sad images of koalas injured in the disaster?  Well Anwen, a koala that had burns over 90% of her body has now been treated and released into the wild.  A photo of Anwen went viral, Making her one of the symbols of the devastation.  

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