Maz and James's 2020 Hitlist

It’s double trouble with Maz & James – a favourite amongst night-time listeners, tuning in weeknights from 7-10pm to be in the know with Maz’s “Gossip Hits”, the “Five Live Chart” counting down the biggest songs of the moment, and live streaming via Facebook and Instagram. Whether you’re Team Maz or Team James, you can bet on the most entertaining banter heard across the UAE at night.

  • James speaks to John Lickrish

    John Lickrish is CEO of Flash Entertainment. What goes into planning the Yasalam After Race Concerts?

  • Maz has a new podcast

    Subscribe to Maz's Spilling The Tea podcast now as she chats to the UAE's most influential people!

  • Vote Now - Five Live

    We play the five most voted for songs back to back every hour. So hurry and vote!

  • Tinder for babies?

    Did you know there are apps to swipe left and right on baby names?! James tried it!

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