Abigail just walked away with AED 35,000 on The Kris Fade Show by guessing Virgin Radio’s 50K Golden Sound with Golden Mile Galleria. Watch now to see the moment Abigail took a wild guess and got the answer right!


But guess what? We have a brand new sound from Golden Mile Galleria with a jackpot of AED 15,000 dirhams!!! Listen all day today to hear the sound and your clues to get you closer to winning. The number to call is 04-8715544.

For extra clues, you won’t hear or get anywhere else, head to Golden Mile Galleria right now and also hear the GOLDEN SOUND as many times as you need!

Incorrect Guesses:

  1. Packing tape being removed
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Marker writing on a cardboard box
  4. Cutting clothes with scissors
  5. Medal made from coconut shell
  6. Shaking a tea box
  7. Ripping a material
  8. Signature being signed with a pen
  9. Writing on a coffee cup
  10. The sound of the friction when you jump out of a plane before you open a parachute
  11. Guitar pick rubbing on a shirt
  12. Vintage pen writing
  13. Writing with a marker pen on paper 
  14. Velcro Opening
  15. The sound it makes when you shake a sewing kit

New Clues:


Virgin Radio’s 50K GOLDEN SOUND is powered by Golden Mile Galleria.

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